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I am a multidisciplinary artist using painting, sculpture and participatory art to explore the brain as an ecosystem; investigating how the brain's self defence mechanisms can result in an altered perception of reality. I also explore forms of non human intelligence, particularly in invertebrates and their conservation. My work is heavily influenced by my experience as an autistic person, and my relating mental health. I imagine the brain as a speculative world, with its own ecosystem and life forms. 


The intention of my work is to show how mental health problems can develop as a result of coping with adverse life experiences, and to reduce stigma by showing how humans do our best to survive much the same way other animals do, by imagining the brain as an animal trying to survive. I also aim to challenge the idea of disabled people as an 'other', I am passionate about reducing barriers for those excluded from the arts by creating interactive work for a neurodivergent audience. I am also hoping to build upon the participatory side of my practice by collaborating with community groups with support needs. 


I enjoy exploring materials and techniques during my creative process, from mixed media paintings, to ceramic, taxidermy and glass sculptures. Entomology is a big interest of mine and through my work I aim to generate interest in their conservation through building empathy. 

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